Sandcarving FAQ

1. What can you sandblast?

Currently I work mainly with glass and ceramics but I can also work with metal, powder-coated items and stone/marble.

You can choose from the selection of glassware I have in stock or if you don't see anything that will work for your project you can send me a message with a description of what kind of glassware/materials you are hoping to have sourced and I can look into getting what you need.

*Specially sourced materials must be purchased in a full case as the supplier only sells them in those amounts (typically ranging from 6-24 glasses).

A third option for materials is having something sandblasted that you already own.

2. How do I order?

Once you've decided on the route you'd like to take with material options, send me a message describing your project and design in as much detail as possible. Feel free to attach reference photos of similar designs you like, fonts, styles of materials you'd like to have sourced and/or your items you're looking to have engraved. More detail is always better.

3. How much does it cost?

Most of the glassware has a base price of between $12 and $30 per glass and mugs typically start at $20. 

Design fees for custom work are per design (not per glass) and start at $20

I do two free design changes. Then, if more than two changes are required it is $75 per hour for further changes. That fee is divided if a full hour is not used (i.e. 10 minutes =  $12.50)

**I do offer some discounts for large, wholesale purchases. Please message me for further details

4. What is the process like?

  • Once you've sent me the details of what you'd like to order I will follow up with you, ask any clarifying questions and include a quote. 
  • Once you approve your quote I will send an invoice
  • Once the invoice is paid I create a design mock up for you
  • I will then make any necessary changes and once you've approved your design I will make your stencil, mask your glass and sandblast it
  • When the project is complete I will send a photo of the finished product and arrange either shipping or delivery/pick up with you

5. How long does it take?

This can vary based on how many orders are ahead of yours, but typically it takes 2-3 weeks from the time your design is finalized to receive the finished product.

Rush orders can be arranged for an extra cost.

I look forward to working with you to create something unique and memorable!